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Two realities for a new atheistic philosophy
by Carlo Tamagnone

A completely new way of existing, thinking, experiencing and feeling

The man's presumptuosness has thought from always be only a reality, that accessible to his senses and instruments . But the things are really so?
With the real dualism we see, at last, the actual complexity of reality in its widest plurality.


(A plural reality)

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by Editrice Clinamen
of Florence
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First Part Introduction to real dualism


Chapter 1
(Some anticipation about the subject)
1.1 Pluralistic hypotesis and dualistic reality
1.2 A hypotesis for the XXII century (The crisis of the belief?)
1.3 Something about the subject and about who writes
1.4 The unknown and the "truth".
1.5 "Street's" philosophy and a little "forest's".
1.6 To intuit the unknowable.
1.7 Some additional consideration.

Chapter 2 (The dual reality)
2.1 Starting from the individuality
2.2 A thesis seeking verifications
2.3 Logic argumentation(The irriducibility)
2.4 Ethic argumentation (Sens of justice, etc.)
2.5 Observational-perceptive argumentation

Chapter 3
(A specification and some developments)

3.1 But what is the reality?
3.2 About philosophy or rather extraphysics
3.3 Finality and casualness
3.4 The law and the case.
3.5 Why atheism?

Chapter 4
(The ambiguous spirit and its materiality)

4.1 Divinity and religion.

Chapter 5 (To be dualistic)

5.1Homo sapiens dualis.
5.2 To be and to exist.
5.3 The good and the evil.
5.4 Transformation and persistence.
5.5 The destiny

Chapter 6 (A dualistic living)
6.1 The concept and the reality.
6.2 Spend the today.

6.3 The moira.
6.4 L'eleutheria.
6.5 The irony.

6.6 The game.

Glossary of the Real Dualism

The second part, from chapter 7th to 13th, is availablefor nowonly in Italian, to:

the 25th of december 2004